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ShipHero and AfterShip Integration

In the niche market of men's undershirts, had carved out a name for itself. While ShipHero handled logistics with aplomb and AfterShip managed package tracking effectively, these systems existed in isolation. To truly excel, an integrated solution was needed.

Understanding the pivotal role of seamless operations in customer satisfaction and business efficiency, we stepped in to bridge this operational gap. We engineered a robust ShipHero and AfterShip integration plugin that now orchestrates a synchronized logistics and tracking workflow. This tailored solution not only streamlined Underfit's operational landscape but also propelled their customer service to new heights, reaffirming our expertise in crafting interoperable solutions that drive business success.


Custom-built to grow effortlessly with Client's expanding operations


Automated workflows cut manual labor by 80%, boosting operational throughput


Reduced human errors by 95%, elevating customer trust and satisfaction

Problem Statement

The Cost of Disconnection had previously attempted to use Zapier as a bridge between ShipHero and AfterShip. But as the business and order volume grew, Zapier’s costs became prohibitive.


The Goals Set in Stone

  1. Automate Data Transfer: Facilitate the seamless movement of tracking numbers from ShipHero to AfterShip.
  2. Reduce Errors: Minimize human errors in the transfer process.
  3. Real-Time Updates: Ensure accurate and timely tracking information.


The Master Plan

The first step involved a deep dive into the ShipHero and AfterShip APIs. With a comprehensive understanding of these systems, we proceeded to the design phase, meticulously planning data flow and interactions.


  1. Webhook Setup: Utilized ShipHero’s GraphQL API to configure webhooks that trigger on events like new tracking number generation.
  2. Custom Endpoints: Developed endpoints on our own website to capture data pushed by ShipHero’s webhooks.
  3. Meta Field Update: Automated the process of updating meta fields in the existing AfterShip plugin, enabling seamless tracking information dissemination to customers.

This technical approach allowed us to craft a tightly integrated, automated system between ShipHero and AfterShip, completely bypassing the need for manual data entry.


The Transformation

  • Cost-Efficiency: Our custom plugin offered a more financially viable solution than Zapier, scaling effortlessly with the business’s growth.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Cut down manual labor by an astonishing 80%.
  • Accuracy: Reduced human error by 95%.
  • Instant Updates: Achieved real-time tracking, boosting customer satisfaction.


This custom plugin united two disparate systems into a seamless, cost-effective operational powerhouse. not only saved money but also elevated their customer service to new heights.

Client Feedback

“Before the plugin, we faced operational inefficiencies and high costs with Zapier. Now, we’ve improved our efficiency, reduced costs, and elevated our customer service. It’s a triple win.”

Technologies Used


To build the woocommerce extension

Shiphero API

To fetch the shipping data once dispatched

AfterShip API

To update customers with shipment tracking

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